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Creepy off-putting circus music. Also features some honking horns later in the piece. You can download this in uncompressed format here! Comes with all parts on their own AND in three different tempos AND includes a bonus track (in 2/4 time).

Uncompressed (wav or aif) files available

Bouncy, Dark, Humorous, Unnerving

Waltz of the Carnies

Genre: Unclassifiable Collection: Oddities
Time: 3:58 193 BPM (Presto - Fast)
Instruments: Organ, Xylophone, Percussion

Americana western-sounding piece. It kicks in around 1:14. This was composed for the film "Duel" (2014). You can download this in uncompressed format here! Download comes with an alternate version.

Uncompressed (wav or aif) files available


Crossing the Divide

Genre: Soundtrack Collection: Aspiring
Time: 3:13 71 BPM (Adagio - Somewhat Slow)
Instruments: Piano, Trumpet, French Horn, Basses, Cellos

A slow waltz with a beautiful and haunting melody played mostly in the higher registers. A few notes were added to Satie?s composition to keep things interesting and give the music a more full sound, the music ends with a very dark chord. This music is sad and tragic, and could be used as accompaniment to a slow dance or an art house film. Composed by Erik Satie.

Calming, Mysterious

Gymnopedie No. 3

Genre: Classical Collection: Famous Classics
Time: 2:25 77 BPM (Andante - Medium Speed)
Instruments: Piano

Slow Waltz. English Waltz. Foxtrot. Slow Fox. Regal in its construction, this waltz is meant for the ballroom floor of a grand soiree. The pizzicato strings provide the rhythm in the first half, while strings and horns play the melody. A harp accompanies a celeste in creating transitions between segments of the music. As the music crescendos into the third minute, the frivolity turns more serious, and the piece ends with a few interchangeable chords between the celeste and the horns.

Bright, Relaxed

Court of the Queen

Genre: Unclassifiable
Time: 3:20 95 BPM (Moderato - A Bit Fast)
Instruments: Strings, Brass, Percussion, Celeste

Slow Waltz. English Waltz. Foxtrot. Slow Fox. The piano plays a mournful, waltzing melody, while strings enter gently. Halfway into the second minute, the tone is more hopeful, but then returns to the sadness of the introduction. Just before the third minute ends the hope returns, but melts again into sadness with the final high note of the piano. This is music for a rainy day, or when the hero to a story has lost his way.

Calming, Somber, Uplifting

Rains Will Fall

Genre: Unclassifiable Collection: Heartfelt Melodies
Time: 3:42 85 BPM (Andante - Medium Speed)
Instruments: Piano, Kit, Strings

6 of 8. Waltz-like theme.

This piece of music is available in an uncompressed format here.

Eerie, Mystical, Somber

Ghostpocalypse - 6 Crossing the Threshold

Genre: Soundtrack Collection: Dark World
Time: 1:48 104 BPM (Moderato - A Bit Fast)
Instruments: Piano, Bass, Glock

Calming, Relaxed, Somber

Feather Waltz

Genre: Contemporary
Time: 1:30 75 BPM (Andante - Medium Speed)
Instruments: Piano

A fast deep unyielding sort of waltz-like-thing.

Bright, Eerie, Intense, Mysterious

Tenebrous Brothers Carnival - Act Two

Genre: Unclassifiable Collection: Dark World
Time: 1:09 155 BPM (Allegro - Pretty Fast)
Instruments: Organ, guitar, percussion

This is alternate take of "Frost Waltz." It features arpeggiated bells and strings oscillating gently between minor chords.

Bouncy, Bright, Mystical

Frost Waltz (Alternate)

Genre: Soundtrack Collection: Wonder
Time: 2:16 99 BPM (Moderato - A Bit Fast)
Instruments: Bells, Double Bass, Strings, Flutes

A calm buy mysterious composition that uses Glockenspiel and Celesta throughout. French Horns and Bass intercede throughout to accompany the Glockenspiel and Celesta. Violin and Viola in the background throughout the piece.

Calming, Mysterious, Mystical

Frost Waltz

Genre: Soundtrack Collection: Wonder
Time: 2:15 99 BPM (Moderato - A Bit Fast)
Instruments: Celesta, Glockenspiel, Basses, Cellos, Violas, Violins, French Horns,

Alternate tuning is very apparent here, Deep voicing lends a very ominous quality. Sounds more like the mind of someone who is breaking.

Dark, Intense, Mysterious, Unnerving

Classic Horror 3

Genre: Horror Collection: Horror Themes
Time: 2:05 unknown tempo
Instruments: Piano

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