Page-A-Day Calendar Assembly

Known Problems

These files will not open in all PDF reader applications, such as MacOS X's "Viewer" application. They will open in Acrobat Reader.

Some browsers do not correctly recognize the file being returned. You may need to right-click or option-select the submit button to save the PDF to your hard drive.


The PDF you get may look all mixed up (none of the dates are in order, and it starts backwards) but that is all intentional.
Most common inkjet-type printers print with the ink face-up on the paper. So, if you print with an inkjet, it will automatically put the pages in the correct order. If you print on a laser printer, or other printer that outputs paper printed-side-down, you will need to select "Print Back-to-Front" from your print dialog box to get them in the correct order.

One year takes over 90 sheets of 8.5x11 paper at 4 days per sheet, so make sure you have enough paper loaded!


It is best to cut all the sheets at the same time. Each sheet is printed to preserve the edges of the full sheet as edges of the individual days, so you only need to cut the dates apart, you don't need to trim the edges.

I recommend taking your stack of sheets to a print shop of some sort (like Kinko's) that can cut them easily. You will only need 2 cuts for a standard 4-up output.


After cutting, you will have a number of piles - each of which have the dates in descending order. Put the piles in the correct order. One pile may have some blank pages on top. You can toss these out.

Final presentation is up to you. You can place them loose in a tilted box, or have holes punched through them and bolt or nail them to a piece of wood, or have them stickey-bound together, or place them in a small binder... Be creatine and have fun!


The page border is set to .28 inches. Some printers may not print that much of an area.

I did this project in 3 days using perl, Sullivan Beck's all-powerful Date::Manip module, and a PDF module. Why? That part I'm not so clear on... other than I wanted to create a page-a-day calendar with quotes Futurama's Zoidberg for my brother... I'm pretty sure they don't sell them.

If you have a good quote file, send it to me ( and I may add it to the list!

If you have any further suggestions, send those to me as well... (