Interpreting Nostradamus

For Fun and Prophet*

People have asked me - 'How do other people interpret these Nostradamus writings?'

It's easy!

Step One: Establish something you want to prove, a prophetic event about the near future (like there will be an end to fighting in the Middle East) or something that already has happened ([insert timely event here]).

Step Two: Do a fuzzy search on the entirety of the texts of Nostradamus. Do a search kind of like spell checkers do - find anything within a few letters, or anything that sounds similar to one of the words in the statement you're trying to prove. Its ok if the word you're searching for is in a language Nostradamus didn't know, he was that good.

Step Three: Bastardize the meanings of every other word in that quatrain to suit your needs. If you need a '9', and you have a September - Take it! Its the 9th month! If you need a '7', and you have a September - Take it! "Sept" means '7'! Feel free to cross translate homonyms. For example if you need 'Son of', and all you have is the French for 'sun' - translate that into English, and Viola! son = sun in English! Wasn't Nostradamus clever?!

Step Four: Enjoy a nice beverage. **

Happy interpreting!

*Sorry about that. I really am sorry. I don't even blame you if don't read any more. That was really very bad of me.