Author: Kevin MacLeod

Happy New Year!

Jet Fueled Vixen Griggs! I’ve been poisoned! You gotta get me the antidote! Then you gotta get… like a crane, or something to lift this truck off me! She dropped a truck on me, Griggs!!! Then, if you could find

Stupidest Most Glorious Thing I’ve ever done!

Miami Nights – Main Theme Did you ever wake up one day and think, “I should write an entire soundtrack treatment for a reboot of an early 90s tv action-drama that will probably never get produced!” Of course you didn’t.

Don’t Panic!!

I just wanted to thank all of you for your continuing support! There was a whole lot of panic on Patreon in recent days… I know a lot of creators have lost a lot of support. From what I can

Sexy times!

Smooth Lovin This one got turned up to 11. I started producing this as a parody… then I really started liking it, so I guess it is a pastiche now? Oh, man… I wish there was an allowance for pastiche

Whadda you? Some kinda flatfoot?

Hard Boiled You’re looking for the low-down, huh? That’s going to take lettuce. You want the dope? the scoop? the skinny? Ten bucks a day plus expenses. No negotiations. I ain’t no fourth-rate gumshoe – but a ducky shincracker like

All right, Alexander… Game on.

Yeah, I don’t see any similarities at all.