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Bathed in the Light

Genre: Contemporary Collection: Serenity
Time: 2:46 unknown tempo

Super light with some sweet cutting sounds. Round, full, and slow.

Bright, Uplifting, Relaxed

Light Awash

Genre: Contemporary Collection: Serenity
Time: 29:20 unknown tempo

VERY LARGE FILE. This is a 30 minute atmospheric piece done entirely with slow attack synths.

Bright, Uplifting, Relaxed

Mister Exposition

Genre: Silent Film Score Collection: Silent Film - Bright
Time: 2:20 85 BPM (Andante - Medium Speed)
Instruments: Piano, Tuba

bubbly ragtime piano with an occasional tuba.

Bouncy, Bright, Humorous

Dance Monster

Genre: Electronica Collection: Medium Electronic
Time: 3:20 120 BPM (Allegro - Pretty Fast)

A remix of one of my own pieces "120 BPM Monster" by special request. This one is longer, and more sharply mixed.

Driving, Bright

Four Beers' Polka

Genre: Polka Collection: Polka
Time: 2:20 124 BPM (Allegro - Pretty Fast)
Instruments: Kit, Trumpet, Clarinet, Sax, Bass, Electric Guitar, Accordion

Full polka ensemble. She's a peppy one, she is. Instrumental.

Bright, Driving, Bouncy

Work is Work

Genre: Silent Film Score Collection: Silent Film - Bright
Time: 0:47 94 BPM (Moderato - A Bit Fast)
Instruments: Piano

Light and cheery. Appropriate for nearly any application.

Bright, Bouncy, Humorous

Notanico Merengue

Genre: Latin Collection: Latin Sounds
Time: 3:01 120 BPM (Allegro - Pretty Fast)
Instruments: Kit, Bass, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Trumpet, Bari Sax, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Piano

A floor thumping modern take on the meringue. Horns, guitar, piano, and a pile of percussion.

Bright, Driving, Bouncy

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies

Genre: Holiday Collection: Famous Classics
Time: 1:46 120 BPM (Allegro - Pretty Fast)
Instruments: Orchestra (full) featuring Celesta

Tchaikovsky's famous dance from the Nutcracker Suite.

Bright, Calming, Mystical

Two Together

Genre: Contemporary Collection: Elegant Piano
Time: 1:56 78 BPM (Andante - Medium Speed)
Instruments: Piano

Sparkly open voicings.

Calming, Bright

Off to Osaka

Genre: Jazz Collection: Jazz
Time: 1:49 239 BPM (Presto - Fast)
Instruments: Kit, Bass, Piano, Trumpet, Tenor Sax, Vibe

Super bouncy be-bop jazz. Crazy vibe solo.

Bright, Uplifting, Bouncy

Circus Waltz

Genre: Silent Film Score Collection: Silent Film - Bright
Time: 0:40 187 BPM (Presto - Fast)
Instruments: Piano

General-purpose upbeat piece which can be used in general dialog.

Bright, Bouncy

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