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Colorless Aura

Genre: Modern Collection: Gloom and Sadness
Time: 2:38 50 BPM (Largo - Very Slow)
Instruments: Piano

Extraordinarily depressing piano solo. Please treat with caution... or meds. The uncompressed WAV file version of this is available here as played on 3 different pianos.

Uncompressed (wav or aif) files available

Mysterious, Somber


Genre: Modern Collection: Horror Soundscapes
Time: 6:29 unknown tempo
Instruments: Various

Highly processed and oddly played piano makes up the harmonic base of this piece. Sort sort of ticking clock thing... This is a brash mix, but probably not as bad as you think!
This piece of music is available in an uncompressed format here.

Dark, Eerie, Mysterious, Mystical, Unnerving

Junkyard Tribe

Genre: Modern Collection: Darkness and Unease
Time: 3:07 87 BPM (Andante - Medium Speed)
Instruments: Percussion

Accelerating piece of contemporary electronic percussions. There's some bit crusting going down, and a few other things. No melodies - just the hits.

This piece of music is available in an uncompressed format here.

Action, Aggressive, Intense, Unnerving


Genre: Modern
Time: 10:18 unknown tempo
Instruments: Synths

Quite a challenging piece of the listener, there are only dissonances until with very end of this ten-minute piece. This piece is nothing if not uncomfortable.

This piece of music is available in an uncompressed format here.

Eerie, Unnerving


Genre: Modern Collection: Darkness and Unease
Time: 1:46 85 BPM (Andante - Medium Speed)
Instruments: Electric Piano, Percussion, Synths

A disturbingly sweet melody on an electric piano is accompanied with a slow and steady beat. Synth sounds undulate in the background, fighting for prominence. They ultimately melt away, leaving the piano melody to play one last despair-filled refrain.

Somber, Unnerving


Genre: Modern Collection: Darkness and Unease
Time: 1:29 80 BPM (Andante - Medium Speed)
Instruments: Synths, Percussion


A vocal chorus blends with subtle percussion and panning synth effects that rattles the bones. The choir rises in volume almost imperceptibly before dissolving, leaving a sense of drama and consequence. Perfect for the background music to build suspense and intrigue. Loopable.
This piece of music is available in an uncompressed format here.

Driving, Intense, Suspenseful


Genre: Modern
Time: 2:31 84 BPM (Andante - Medium Speed)
Instruments: Synths, Choir, Percussion


Heavy on the percussion, this piece is dominated by the rising strings in the second minute, which quickly give way to an ethereal alto chorus. The accompaniment rises together before dissipating. Loopable.

This piece of music is available in an uncompressed format here.

Grooving, Intense, Suspenseful

Finding the Balance

Genre: Modern Collection: Wonder
Time: 3:28 75 BPM (Andante - Medium Speed)
Instruments: Bass, Percussion, Synths, Voice


The beginning is calm with the Middle Eastern dudek playing the melody. As the electronic elements melt into the dudek and the plucked strings, the groove is established. Just into the third minute the melody changes to beautiful and touching, but returns to the feel of the intro, while a woman?s voice sings a haunting melody in a distant language. This is music of wonder, and is best as exposition music for a film about nature or a group of people struggling to survive.

Bright, Grooving, Intense

Piece for Disaffected Piano One

Genre: Modern Collection: Mad Pianist
Time: 3:08 unknown tempo
Instruments: Piano (alternate tuning)

I hesitate to assign a 'feel' to this because it is so exotic. It uses a 19 semitone scale which does not repeat at the octave. There are 9 semitones to a perfect fifth. The tuning is Wendy Carlos' "Alpha" scale. The piano strings are laid to horrible pain in sections as two octaves of keyboard are used to represent a doubling of frequency.

Piece for Disaffected Piano Two

Genre: Modern Collection: Mad Pianist
Time: 5:26 unknown tempo
Instruments: Piano (alternate tuning)

Like "PfDP One", this piece also uses the Alpha scale developed by Wendy Carlos. Improvising on this piano is like walking in a minefield. There are many places to step which are just fine, but every now and again you find a surprise. This piece is light, and even comical in parts - with some musical revelations in between.


Genre: Modern Collection: Mad Pianist
Time: 2:02 unknown tempo
Instruments: Piano

ere, the rhythm adds the dissonance. An unsettling effect. More delicate than either of the first 2 piece. The third of a series.

Aggressive, Driving, Intense

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