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Genre: Soundtrack
Time: 4:24 140 BPM (Allegro - Pretty Fast)
Instruments: Piano, Percussion

Big driving piano and drums piece for action goodness! A full uncompressed version of this piece is available here. The download also contains individual tracks from the piece, and a bonus mix.

Uncompressed (wav or aif) files available

Action, Driving, Intense

Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

Genre: Soundtrack Collection: Comedic
Time: 2:05 144 BPM (Allegro - Pretty Fast)
Instruments: Flutes, Violin, Viola, Cello

Loopable happy light fluffy piece with bright flutes and a bunch of pizzicato strings. You can download an uncompressed WAV format of this piece here (in a lot of tempos)!

Uncompressed (wav or aif) files available

Bouncy, Bright, Humorous, Uplifting

Lost Frontier

Genre: Soundtrack Collection: Mystery
Time: 4:24 unknown tempo
Instruments: Violins, Cellos, Basses, Choir, French Horn, Percussion

Flautando (flute-tone) violins provide a bed for this slow-moving piece. Uncompressed aif files are available for purchase. They include all of the individual parts so you can do your own mixes. Get them here!

Uncompressed (wav or aif) files available

Eerie, Mysterious, Somber, Suspenseful

Tempting Secrets

Genre: Soundtrack Collection: Aspiring
Time: 2:58 unknown tempo
Instruments: Strings, Flute, Choir

Starts with a big hit, and then a steady string drone with a beautiful flute line on top. Choirs kick in 2/3 of the way to bring up the mood. You can purchase the uncompressed AIFF files of this here. (10 different files x 2 formats each)

Uncompressed (wav or aif) files available

Dark, Epic, Uplifting, Somber

Black Vortex

Genre: Soundtrack Collection: Action
Time: 2:50 163 BPM (Presto - Fast)
Instruments: Cimbasso, Tuba, Trombones, French Horns, Trumpets, Basses, Cellos, Violas, Violins, Clarinet, Flute, Synths


Orchestral hybrid piece in 7/8 time. This one starts slow and bold, and ramps into fast and furious with an unrelenting melody.

Action, Aggressive, Dark, Driving, Epic, Intense, Suspenseful

The Complex

Genre: Soundtrack Collection: Action
Time: 4:28 104 BPM (Moderato - A Bit Fast)
Instruments: Synths, Percussion


Mechanistic, electronic and organic. This piece gets very big around 1:46. (The preview is more 'boomy' than the download.) This piece is available in AIFF format for purchase here. The purchase includes isolated tracks to make your own mix, and are available in three tempos.

Uncompressed (wav or aif) files available

Action, Aggressive, Dark, Driving, Epic, Intense, Mysterious

Take a Chance

Genre: Soundtrack Collection: Action
Time: 0:37 122 BPM (Allegro - Pretty Fast)
Instruments: French Horn, Trombone, Strings, Xylophone, Percussion, Flute, Clarinet

An out of control epic ride of adventure!

Action, Driving, Epic, Intense, Uplifting

Call to Adventure

Genre: Soundtrack Collection: Comedic
Time: 4:07 178 BPM (Presto - Fast)
Instruments: Bass, Cello, Viola, Violin, Tuba, Trombone, Horn, Trumpet, Bassoon, Clarinet, Oboe, Flute, Percussion, Xylophone, Marimba, Celesta


A giant orchestral work with everything you could want from a piece with this title.

Action, Bright, Bouncy, Humorous, Epic


Genre: Soundtrack Collection: Gloom and Sadness
Time: 3:27 56 BPM (Largo - Very Slow)
Instruments: Harp, Pennywhistle, Cello, Violin, Bass



Relaxed, Somber


Genre: Soundtrack Collection: Action
Time: 3:21 76 BPM (Andante - Medium Speed)
Instruments: Basses, Violins, Choir, Percussion

Extension of a piece I wrote for Bite Sized Minecraft 2. Super-produced. Super awesome.

Action, Dark, Driving, Epic, Intense


Genre: Soundtrack Collection: Gloom and Sadness
Time: 3:16 65 BPM (Adagio - Somewhat Slow)
Instruments: Bassoon, Harp


Slow moving piece for bassoon (very high on the instrument) and harp. Works very well behind dialog, and gives a sense of grief.

Calming, Dark, Somber

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