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Charlotte Brontë (early 1845)

[Written shortly after Charlotte's return from Brussels, this poem explores her feelings for Monsieur Heger, her teacher in Brussels, a married man. This poem hints strongly at her apparent desire for M. Heger to be dominant over her.]

At First I Did Attention Give

	At first I did attention give
	Observance - deep esteem
	His frown I failed not to forgive
	His smile - a boon to deem

	Attention rose to interest soon
	Respect to homage changed
	The smile became a valued boon
	The frown like grief estranged

	The interest ceased not with his voice
	The homage tracked him near
	Obedience was my heart's free choice
	Whatere his word severe

	His praise unfrequent - favour rare
	Unduly precious grew
	And too much power - a haunting fear
	Around his anger threw -

	His coming was my hope each day
	His parting was my pain!
	The chance that did his steps delay
	Was ice in every vein

	I gave entire affection now
	I gave devotion sure
	And strongly took root and fast did grow
	One mighty feeling more

	The truest love that ever heart
	Felt at its kindled core
	Through every vein with quickened start
	A tide of life did pour

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