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If you are asking a question about using music, please Check the FAQ.

If the answer to your question is on the Frequently Asked Questions page, I will not reply to your email. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I just don't have the time.

Now that you've done that...


If you have a project that needs an original score, email is the only way to get a quote and find out about my availability.

Please be as brief as you can.

If you send me a long email (more than a few sentences) with a question somewhere in the middle, I will often put off answering it for weeks. I'm not sure why I do that - but I do...

Kevin MacLeod -

The extended "far too honest" guide to contacting Kevin:

Step 0: Check my FAQ. Really, it covers so many questions. More than 50% of my responses are copied from my FAQ. Help save my sanity and REALLY read it.

Step 1: Email me as above. I usually respond in a day or two if your message isn’t too long.

Step 1.5: If you really need me, email me every day.

Step 2: If that doesn’t work after a couple of days, chances are I was confused. Text me at (920) 680-1125 and direct me to your email. But try to fit your query in the text. You have 200 characters.

Step 3: If that doesn’t work after a day or so, call me. I can’t say when is a good time to call me. My sleep schedule is highly variable. I may be sleeping and confused, but we WILL get this whole thing going!

If it is an emergency, text me straight away. (Yes, there are composition emergencies! That’s kind of my jam. ) Do not call and leave messages!! I do not listen to voicemail.

Keep in mind, my phone is often on silent while I’m working. Live studio microphones and ringing telephones make for ruined recordings. I’ll call you back. (When I wake up, or when I take a break.)

Step 4: We are getting into territory here that likely involves fire fighters or EMTs. Use the standard channels for contacting them.

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