Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your music...

for YouTube videos?Yes, AND you can monetize the videos. Be sure to credit me. [More on YouTube]
on streaming sites?Yes. Be sure to credit me. [More on Streaming]
in live productions?Yes. Be sure to credit me.
in my store? Yes. Be sure to credit me or purchase a license.
as on-hold music? Yes. Be sure to credit me or purchase a license.
for something else? Probably. Be sure to credit me or purchase a license.


How do I place a credit for this music in my project?

Title Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

It is important that you replace the word Title with the Actual Title of the piece that you are using! The Licenses page has a quick copy-paste feature that makes it all very easy!

Do I have to put the credit where people can see it?
Yes. Credits change from media to media - but in general a credit needs to be placed such that a person who wants to know where the music came from should have no difficulty in finding it. A reasonable effort may be expended (e.g. clicking on a credits option) but the credit should not be obscured.

Some common examples...
Videos YouTube and Vimeo credits can be placed in the video description or in the video itself.
Streaming On your profile page, add a "Music" section to place the credits. [More Info]
Video Games Most commonly, credits are placed on a "Credits" screen found in the settings menu.
Live Production Credits should be placed in the program for the production. If no program exists, a voice announcement can be made.
Films Credits should be placed in the credits portion of the film, either before or after the main film section.
Podcast/Audio Production Credits should be voiced - usually at the end of the production.
TV/Radio Ads It is more common to purchase a "Standard License", but credits may be shown visually in the production, or done as a voice-over in audio-only media.
Music on Hold It is more common to purchase a "Phone System License", but it is possible to record a voice-over for each piece of music used.
Background Music It is more common to purchase a "Retail Location License", but credits may be posted in a public area of the retail space.
What if I cannot credit you?
If you are interested in using a piece in a television broadcast or radio commercial, or some other format where credits are impossible, obtain a Standard License.

Hiring / Commissions

Can you write original music for my project?
No. I am not currently accepting new work..
I want a piece of music that sounds just like this song I have, but different enough so that I don't have to pay licensing fees. Will you make it?
No. Sorry, I do not do sound-alikes.

Everything Else

What is the name of the piece of music I found?
I probably don't know. I've produced about 2,000 pieces of music. I don't remember the titles at all. At best, I could tell you if I wrote the piece. If you want to know the name of the piece that wasn't credited, contact the producer of the video. People have also had good luck with SoundHound and Shazam.

I need your signature for [ my school / a competition / a festival ]. Can you sign this form and send it back to me?
I don't have a scanner or a fax machine, and I really dislike reading those things. The truth of the matter is the Creative Commons license that I offer all of my music under almost always gives you more rights than those contracts.

How do you prove to the powers-that-be that the music is clear, then?
  1. Print out the actual license:
  2. Print out the page from my site that shows the piece of music that you are using. Make sure that it includes the URL (this happens by default on most browsers) and also the CC logo at the bottom of the screen.
That's it!

What software do you use?
Software FAQ

Is this music free to use?
Yes. An optional donation of $5 per piece used is suggested - and highly appreciated. You do NOT need a PayPal account to make a donation! Just a credit card.

Is this music Copyright Free?
No. All of this music is copyrighted. Though some of the baroque and classical compositions are in the public domain; these recordings are not. For Public Domain music, head to

Is this music in the Public Domain?
No. All of this music is copyrighted. Though some of the baroque and classical compositions are in the public domain; these recordings are not. For Public Domain music, head to

Is there sheet music available?
Rarely. Exceptions are noted in the descriptions. Here's everything.

Can I change your music?
Yes, you can sing over, chop, splice, compress, lengthen, and add instruments to anything you like. You MUST make it clear in the credits which parts are yours, and which parts are mine. There is no need to mention if you cut and splice.

What happened to [piece of music]? I can't find it anymore.
From time to time, I move some of the less commercially successful pieces over to my other site at Look for it over there.

What are ISRC Numbers?
ISRC numbers listed on each track are unique identifiers for that recording. If you don't have a use for this number - don't worry about it. Some people need them. For example - if someone challenges your claim to use my music - claiming that they own the rights, you can respond with this number to show where the track came from. Here is the list of all allocated ISRC numbers of tracks on this site.

Do you know of any other places I can get good music?
Yes. Try my friends...
Pixabay - The largest and best for Public Domain. Finding stuff can be an issue.
Silverman Sound - Over 200 pieces. Active for 8+ years!
Andy Cohen - 18 pieces. Dreamy acoustic!
Josh Woodward 200+ Pieces. Easy Downloads!
Jason Shaw (audionautix) - 250+ pieces. Excellent production
Sleep Facing West - just a few VERY high quality pieces.
Kongano - Dozens of pieces with bright production.
Tim Beek - 150+ pieces, familiar interface. :-)
Twin Musicom - Good variety for films. 100+ pieces.
James Richardson - About 40 pieces.
Anthony Kozar - interesting ambient pieces
Ben Sound - Music from the mind of Benjamin Tissot.

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