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Perl API2 Font Examples

Embedding TrueType Fonts

Finding examples of working with TrueType Fonts in API2 is like pulling teeth. I know I lost a few trying to get the thing to work. Turns out, embedding a TTF into a PDF isn't that difficult. This isn't a tutorial, but it should help some of you out there!

use strict;
use CGI;
use PDF::API2;

## This was designed to be output via a web server.

my $q = new CGI;
print $q->header('application/pdf');
my $pdf  = PDF::API2->new(-file => "$$.test");

my $page = $pdf->page;                               ## Create a new page.
my $txt = $page->text;                               ## Text Layer

## Create standard font references.
my $HelveticaBold = $pdf->corefont('Helvetica-Bold');
my $Georgia = $pdf->corefont('Georgia-Italic', -encode=>'latin1');

## And embed a TTF
## This assumes the "broadvie.TTF" file is in the same directory
## as this script.
my $BroadView = PDF::API2::TrueTypeFont->new_api($pdf, 'broadvie.TTF');

my $y = 740;
my $x = 100;

$txt->font($HelveticaBold, 14);           ## set font
$txt->translate($x,$y);                   ## set insert location
$txt->text_center("Helvetica Bold, 14");  ## insert text

$txt->font($Georgia, 12);
$txt->text_center("Georgia, 12"); 
$y -= 20;

$txt->font($BroadView, 12);            ## this works just like the corefonts.
$txt->text_center("BroadView, 12"); 
$y -= 20;


open (OUT, "$$.test");
while (){print}
close OUT;

If anyone out there has successfully done Cyrllic; please let me know!