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This generator makes this type of graph paper.

Set document units to: Inches or Centimeters
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8.5 x 11 inches
11 x 17 inches
A4 (21 x 29.7cm)
A3 (29.7 x 42cm)
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Minimum Border:
Line Weight:
(0.05 is very fine; 0.5 is average; 10 is very very large)
Hexagon Size:
Add Dot:
Put a dot in the middle of each hexagon
Hexagon Color:

Calculating various bits about regular hexagons

Given length of a side x...
Tip to tip across the hex is 2x.
Height of the hex flat side to flat side is 2x(sqrt(3/4)) or about 1.732x.
Area of the hex is 1.5(x^2 (sqrt(3)) or about 2.56x^2.

Example: Making graph paper with 4 hexes per square inch
Hexagon with a side length of x... The area of that hex would be about...
2.6 (x^2)
So for 4 hexes per square inch...
4 * 2.6 (x^2) = 1
x^2 = 1/10.4
x^2 = .096
x = .31 inches per side.

Extra: 1 sq. in. per hex ~= 0.6204

Pregenerated Hexagonal Graph Paper

Customized Output Formats

If you're looking for a program to generate labeled hex grids
in other formats (such as PNG or SVG images), check out mkhexgrid.
It has some additional options for labeling your grid as well.