Music Packs

Incompetech Game Pack 1

140 (2.2 gigabytes total) of 44.1khz stereo wav files (CD quality... plenty enough for this genre)
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This is my best licensing deal ever. 4 full loop pieces for $10 each, plus extras! Special terms for this; Unlimited projects.

Mid-90s styled happy happy video game music, ready-made to inport into your game or videos.
This is a set of 4 pieces of music
- Jaunty Gumption, 5 tempos, 7 mixes per tempo
- Move Forward, 4 tempos, 7 mixes per tempo
- Ambler, 5 tempos, 7 mixes per tempo
- Mellowtron, 5 tempos, 3 mixes per tempo
- 27 misc. one-shots and loops

This pack was designed to be used in video game creations.

You can download some sample files from this product here.

You may:
- use any of these audio files in any number of productions (video games, films, videos, etc.)
- chop, splice, compress, or otherwise mess with these files
- sell your productions without paying any additional royalties

You may NOT:
- resell this music AS music (it must be included as a part of another production)
- transfer this license to anyone else