Scoring Services

Ultra-Low-Cost Projects (under $400)

Unfortunately, I can't offer any composition services for this price. I do offer about a thousand pieces of music on this site that you can use, cut, splice, chop, and filter to fit with your movie/slideshow/presentaion/video game/stage production/retail store.

There are links to other people offering similar music on my Music FAQ (near the bottom).

Very-Low-Cost Projects ($400 to $2,000)

If you're putting together an important presentation, or have a great short that needs a score. Maybe a video game that needs a couple loops... I may be more affordable than you think!

How long does it take for you to listen through 150,000 pieces of music to find the "right one"? How much would the licensing be after you find the right one?
Now think about how long it takes you to describe what emotions you want to evoke.
The time involved is similar, the pricings are similar, but the results are always going to be better with a custom score that exactly fits your video.

A rough estimate is about $100 per finished minute of most kinds of music.

Everything Else

Films, TV Series, Theme Parks, Stage Productions, Video Games.

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