The Smart-Ass Guide to Art

So what the heck is this? The "Smart-Ass Guide to Art" is a compilation of artists that I find interesting, important, or just downright freaky. Its focus is to present interesting information about these folks, (such as where you'll find them ripped off in pop culture) or at least to present information entertainingly.

Why are you doing this? Originally, this started as a weekend project when I was still in college. Much like Frankenstein's little project, things have gone horribly awry. I'm putting it on the web (with some modifications) because, to me, the sad thing about art is that it's so... pretentious. Why can't something be academic AND entertaining?

So enjoy! There's no pseudo-intellectuals in black turtlenecks, berets, and faux European accents looking down their noses at you here!

For more information on any of the artists above, I highly recommend H.W. Janson's "History of Art" (in 2 volumes) and "Art Through the Ages" by De La Croix & Company (also in 2 volumes). I've consulted both of them (among other things) during the construction of this site.

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