So, here’s a nifty new piece of music. Not sure what it is – but I like it.

Some new dramatic music for those times when there just isn’t enough drama in your life.

Mega-Pile of new music

Today’s offerings are so dissimilar, I make no effort to categorize – just label as I can.
Orchestral Hopeful Calm
Peaceful Desolation
Orchestral Dark Smooth
On the Shore
Goofy Short
Loping Sting
Latin/Island Bright Celebratory
Beachfront Celebration
Garage-band-like rock… music?
Bet You Can (slower)
Bet You Can ver 2 (faster)
Electronica Dance Latinish
Latin Industries
Percussion… thing
Junkyard Tribe
Small emsemble, bad playing
Music to Delight
Industrial Percussion-Heavy
Club Diver
Yeah. all posted in a day. You’re welcome.

Introducing Glory Nugget

Glory Nugget

Here’s some music from my newest notion, “Glory Nugget”. Glory Nugget is a casual rock band that plays occasional sets at bars and outdoor picnics. It is a 4-piece band; Drums, Bass, Rhythm Gutar, Lead Guitar. The lead guitarists is by far the worst player in the bunch, but he “writes” all of the music, and has a lot of stage presence.

You’ll never hear great music, but you will have a great time with… GLORY NUGGET!

Pump (and the short “Pump Sting” suitable for show intros.

Iron Bacon