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So, here’s a nifty new piece of music. Not sure what it is – but I like it. Simplex Some new dramatic music for those times when there just isn’t enough drama in your life.

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Mega-Pile of new music

Today’s offerings are so dissimilar, I make no effort to categorize – just label as I can. Orchestral Hopeful Calm Peaceful Desolation Orchestral Dark Smooth On the Shore Goofy Short Loping Sting Latin/Island Bright Celebratory Beachfront Celebration Garage-band-like rock… music?

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Introducing Glory Nugget

Here’s some music from my newest notion, “Glory Nugget”. Glory Nugget is a casual rock band that plays occasional sets at bars and outdoor picnics. It is a 4-piece band; Drums, Bass, Rhythm Gutar, Lead Guitar. The lead guitarists is

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Theme for Harold

Theme for Harold in three tempos. The main themes are on the black keys, because it is easier for a rod-arm puppet to play the black keys. Follow Harold here on Google+!

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Light Thought in two tempos

Unobtrusive music lets you sell your product, and make your customers feel good about it! Well… not really written for that – but you can certainly use it for that. This was written for light voiceover sections. Light Thought (var.

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Got Funk?

For the gentleman rhymer; Got Funk.

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