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Nothing like home-grown shrubberies!

Magic Scout – Farm Farm is part of a 4-part video game experience. You can experience “Farm” here: It even works on most phones! TIP! Crops regrow faster than weeds. TIP! Once a rock is magicked away, it is

Breakfast in the solarium, m’lord?

Magic Scout – Manor This one is a little more peppy than the others in this video experience album. Still very very blippy, though. 9.7/10 on the blippiness scale. You can experience “Manor” in a “game” here: TIP! You

Would you like to sample my wares?

Cottages You know the old phrase “as relaxing as a toaster”? They meant any electrical machine, really. I think if a toaster were to make relaxing music this is it. You can experience “Cottages” in a game-like setting here:

Magic Scout

Well, this thing I made isn’t exactly a game. But it also isn’t not a game. It is an experience. Tips: Giant black mushrooms stop the soundtrack. Barrels are not bugged. Nor do they do anything useful. The chickens are

*Warning* Earworm inside.

Derp Nugget There is nothing in this piece that is even vaguely reminiscent of “La Macarena”. I shouldn’t have said that. I should not have said that. Don’t go listening for it, for such a journey will surely end in

Twerk o’ the mornin’ to ya!

Club Seamus Every once in a generation, a song title comes along that perfectly melds with the music. This is such a piece. It could only be called “Club Seamus”. “Club Seamus” could only sound like this. You can download