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Canon in D … IN SPACE!

Canon in D Interstellar Mix This version of canon in D is so over-the-top, it has gone into orbit! Hah! Bit glitch reggae trap beat. You can tune out the instrumentals and just focus on the trap beat. It’s a

How do you get two harpists to play in time? … Shoot one of ’em.

Canon in D for Two Harps Harpists, by nature, are solitary people who love horses. Getting harpists to play fast together and contour a melodic line is neigh-on impossible. So we have to give all the notes to one person

Robots can groove too!

On Hold for You The tenor sax performance in this piece was done by an AI musician. The notes and chords were generated algorithmically (not by an AI). 0:33 there is an amazingly smooth and correct sounding run-up. 0:50

So, uh… you come here often? Wanna get lei’ed?

Tiki Bar Mixer How to make Tiki Drinks: Add rum. Add fruit juice. Add other rum. Add different fruit juice. Add another rum. Add some other juice thing. Top with crushed ice. Garnish with umbrella, flowers, pineapple, watermelon, small plastic

More SCP creepy goodness!

SCP-x5x (Outer Thoughts) Nice, but creepy music for storytelling. Simple melodies played on that old piano your grandma had in her basement. It was once great, but has since become a spider and dust motel. I’m sure the spiders think

It’s really just a ghost of a bassoon…

SCP-x6x (Hopes) Haunting music for storytelling; With a cello. Cello, bassoon, and piano are known to be expert haunters. This piece has no bassoon, but 2 out of 3 does get pretty haunting! You can download the full uncompressed files