Author: Kevin MacLeod

Legion of Scorn (banging soundtrack)!

On sale today! Legion of Scorn! Retro, twin-stick shooter based in sci-fi and cyberpunk roots. Battle through the Legion.exe research arena against the latest in military robotics technology. The only way to earn your freedom is to battle your way

A New Era in Boxes?

Recently, reports have come in (Thanks, Tim S and Barry!) of new amazon box sizes. The 20 and the 70. While Amazon Box 20 appears to be a replacement for the aging but popular A3 box, Amazon Box 70 is

Virtual Instrument Sale – To April 9th, 2019

** Not sponsored, I just own this stuff. ** 8Dio just dropped a pretty big sale ($140 down to $40) on their Clare line of virtual woodwind instruments. I only have the Flute one, and it does have some significant

Podcasts about the FUTURE!

I’m trying very hard to live in the future. A future where I don’t need to touch light switches because the room knows what kind of light is needed. A future where copyright is reasonable. A future where transportation doesn’t

Purple Chicken Spaceman

May Third! Two Thousand Nineteen! Announcing the release of the greatest video game ever released on May 3rd, 2019. Purple Chicken Spaceman! I haven’t played it, but it has some of my music! (that’s how you know they have good

AI #001 – MuseNet on Twitch

OpenAI’s MuseNet started streaming on twitch. MuseNet generates MIDI data. That data is then rendered out using synthesizers that you can hear on the twitch stream. Composition Quality: As good as most people. The Bach styles are quite good