Author: Kevin MacLeod

Composerish: The Podcast

Want to hear me talk EVERY MONDAY? Composerish: The podcast where Kevin MacLeod and Bryan Teoh talk about composer-ish things like virtual instruments, cocktails, and public transportation.

Best Video!

This is seriously the best documentary I’ve seen on me.

Dawn of “Composerish”

I got a new podcast “Composerish” wherein Kevin MacLeod and Bryan Teoh talk about composer issues. In this issue: Bongos, sample pack sales, and the Agricole Daiquiri. All the music in this episode is free to use… not that you’d

Why am I craving an Aperol spritz?

Night in Venice Just your run of the mill nice jazz; processed to sound a lot older than it is. You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Cruise control FTW!

Limit 70 You know those lines on the highways? If you go exactly 70 miles per hour in the US, the lines will match up perfectly with this piece. I did the math. The actual tempo of this piece is

Oh, I know this one!

Aquarium Saint-Saens’ masterpiece. This piece is 100% free to use. It will probably get claimed by any number of music publishers, just so you know. They can’t tell the difference between this and their copyrighted recordings. Contest the claims. Contest