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Music AI Review: Boomy

What it does: You choose a genre, get some music.

Is it good? No.
When will it get good? Probably never.

I got the $35 annual subscription, so I will review it later this year, but my expectations are low.

What went wrong: Boomy works the way humans do. It puts notes on a timeline, and then uses synths or samples (short recordings) of instruments to make a mix out of them that resembles music. In a way, it builds something like sheet music, and then uses that to generate music.

Sheet Music and a PCM Representation

These are not the same kind of data.

Most image generating AIs work with pixels as their building blocks. The sound-equivalent of this is the sample. It is a number that tells you where on a graph you are, and are usually read at 48,000 samples every second.

In terms of data, a 100×100 pixel image is roughly equivalent to 1 second of audio.
To push the analogy too far, Boomy works by cutting and pasting lots of little pictures together. The catalog of pictures is fixed, and it isn’t that big.

Boomy is clipping from a low quality picture book. That can be updated.
But. The music has very little in the sense of melodic understanding. That can be taught.
But. It also doesn’t display a grasp on overall form of the piece. That can be taught.
But. It just seems to layer the instruments on top of each other, just not caring about interactions between the bass and drums and melodies. That’s gonna require a whole new approach, it is possible.

There’s a giant list of problems that I could describe, and maybe they can fix a few issues, but this approach will never be as versatile, creative, flowing, or beautiful as an AI that uses a sample-based approach.

Killer Application: I don’t see any practical use for this service. I’ll say they have a killer domain name.

Price: Free – $120/year
Quality: No

This review was not sponsored. Obviously.

Shinies for e’rbody!

Goblin Soldier Tinker Spy

“Ya wants ta make things? Piles of things? Make things wit us Goblins! We got sticks and hammers and pokies. You get ta hit things wit udder things. If ya hit a rat, ya gets more stew! If ya hits da stew, ya get hit with rats.”

Teamwork! Steady Progress! Shinies! Work with Goblins today!

You can purchase from iTunes here!

Music AI Review: Tone Transfer

What it does: You give it some audio, and it changes the audio into an instrument.



There is a website you can play with:
The real power is with the Plug-ins available for your DAW.

I’ve used this to get one of the most realistic saxophone sounds available. Sax samples are notoriously difficult to get to sound good. This does it with relative ease.

If that isn’t mind-blowing enough, you can train your own model by providing at least 10 minutes of the instrument you want to copy and letting it train for a few hours.
If you’re looking for a virtual instrument that no one has sampled yet – this can make them. It can only do instruments that sound one note at a time, so no pianos or guitars.



The saxophone in this example was realized with Tone Transfer. Note it goes below the actual range of the instrument at times. Amazing!

Killer Application: You’re recording Big Band arrangements, but only play the trumpet. You can record the sax and bone lines on the instrument you’re most familiar with, and the feeling will transfer to the new instrument.

Price: Free
Quality: Very High

Happy? HAPPY!

Paradise Found

This piece of music never stops smiling. It is a happy, dancy, and never over-the-top party opener! The bass will move people. I found the “Tropical House” genre on some AI music site, and put this together. Overall, I’m a fan!

You can purchase from iTunes here!

Beware Copyright Trolls

A troll carrying a large scroll, with knights that are attacking it trying to get the scroll away from it.

“Copyright Troll” was generated by Midjourney… thereby violating copyrights? Or something? idk


From time to time, copyright claims are made on my music. Sometimes they’re copyright trolls. Sometimes they’re well-intentioned people who don’t read the fine print and create chaos. It’s like playing whack-a-mole….

Please contest any content ID claims you may get with courage! To my knowledge, no copyright strikes are in effect for anything I’ve written. Be prepared to send a lot of strongly worded emails and do a lot of sleuthing to find out the real source of the trouble. If you need help on this quest, let me know!

How to Post Your Music to the Public Domain – for free

I’ve been getting quite a few emails from people asking me how they can get their music published without having to spend money on bandwidth and servers. Most publishing sites are set up to make money from artists, and some can be quite expensive – which is stupid if you’re just trying to give away your music for free.

I put together a quick-to-read document on how to publish new music into the Public Domain using only free services. Spoiler Alert: It is mostly Pixabay.

I want to thank all the composers out there who want to share their music and help build a dynamic and modern Public Domain of creations that will accelerate all of art!