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Executive Producers

Who makes all of this possible? People like you! Here are the Executive Producers for the new strings software! Executive Producers – July 2010

Mr. Jon Roberts


On Holiday

Well, I hoped to get all of my new music posted – but sadly, I didn’t get to everything. I’ll be off the net until about Wednesday – hopefully, I’ll get some new things posted then. I did did 19

Wanted: Creative Writer

Thanks to everyone who submitted works for being the Creative Writer. I’ve narrowed it down to the last three, and it has been a lot of work picking from people… as it is plainly obvious that most people are better

Black Peter!

If you heard my interview at, here’s the link to the awesome music Black Peter!. Be a cool kid, and read up on the awesome true myth. Seriously. Cool. Stuff.

Former Incompetech Intern runs for City Council

For Immediate Release: Former Incompetech intern Waleed Ovase is running for Rockville City Council, Maryland, USA. If you’re among the 200-ish people from Rockville who visit my site, consider lending your support and voting for him this upcoming election! Waleed’s