Back on Track

A friend of mine (Mr. Craig Knitt) shared with me an idea for a film that I was pretty excited about, so I started doing a soundtrack for it blind. These are the first two pieces. Who knows if they’ll make the cut…

I’m not a big fan of horror movies; but I am pretty excited about the music.

New Age, and… something else…

Here’s today’s new offerings! The piano piece I did as a special request for a photographer, who liked the smaller version I wrote for him. Cut Trance was an exploration piece (I just got some new software, and needed to try it out) – also, someone requested something with a clockwork piano, and techno stuff going on… I think that’s kind of what’s going on here.

New Host

I have a brand new hosting company for my music files, and it seems to be working like a champ! Thanks to all of you for your recommendations. I made charts with the features of each host, and the pricing and the wierd things with all of them. Finding a provider is a nightmare.
Luckily – many of the providers’ websites were unavailable or slow at one point or another – so they got trimmed out quickly. :-)
I went with 1&1 Internet. Setup was easy, and the rates for 2 terabytes of monthly transfer are almost too good to be true.
I hope the new provider works for all of you! Thank you for your patience… now maybe I can get back to writing music.
- Kevin


Filmmakers have one more reason to visit!
Check it out.
They have variable aspect ratios, optional description lines, and an optional title line. I’m sure people will request more features, but for now it works pretty well!