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PDF Auto-Duplexer

The number one request I’ve gotten for graph paper is to add a function that makes 2-page documents that can be easily duplex printed. I haven’t done that because it will further complicate the interface. Also, it isn’t fun to

Chat GPT4 makes graph paper!

It does take an extra step, but it figured it out in python! The Prompt: Please write a python script using fpdf that will output a file “my-grid.pdf” which is a landscape a4 pdf file with a background color of

Graph Paper Update!

All the graph paper generators on this site now generate graph paper with no information/text line! The info line is still available on the pregenerated PDFs. Cleaner and nicer for your graph paper needs!

Patreon Drive!

Incompetech is a stupid website. It is such a stupid site that no one in their right mind would start it today. But here it is, and it is still getting better! (There is quite a lot of room for

Log Graph Paper Update

Logarithmic Graph Paper is back and better than ever! I would like to thank an anonymous Belgian Log-Graph-Paper enthusiast for the suggestions. Improvements include: – Aspect Ratio of “Fill page”, or “Square” – Simpler line thickness selector with better

Graph Paper Upgraded to Level 3!

It is a new dawn. It is a new day for incompetech graph paper generators! New layouts, new colors, new examples, new categories. Lot of new. Behold!! Of special note to me is the incredibly updated document size selector. Who