Somewhere Sunny

I don’t often do music for ads, but I had a commission opportunity today that seemed a good idea. Two guitars with a simple clean slight swing style. Rhythm guitar is doubled, melodic guitar has quite an aggressive chorus on it… but the effect is still subtle.

Somewhere Sunny

Really new, new music

You want new music? I’ll get you new music. It is both retro and progressive and unlike most anything I’ve ever heard… possibly with good reason. It’s based on a 1904 recording of a tribal dance, and souped-up with… a plethora of sounds and styles.
If you listen to this and ask yourself “what the heck is going on here?”, then you comprehend it perfectly. Like it or hate it, it is certainly new.
Ujangong Mix.

YouTube Blockbuster

Though there seems to be little rhyme or reason to the music from my site that becomes popular, there are a few trends… and this piece should hit on several of them. Be the first on your block to use this one, before it becomes overused. That way you can say “Yeah, I had that in my video months ago, they ripped off that idea from me!”.
One minute, 20 seconds. Brevity, the soul of wit.
Happy Alley.