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new experimental music

Due to issues with IE, the preview players are no longer on the front page. No worries, the players are available on all the other pages. Two new pieces today, titled from Yeats’ poem “The Second Coming”. It is an

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Babylon A.D.

This seems like another in the seemingly endless string of movies lately that’s based on some dark, futuristic graphic novel. There was Sin City and 300, and coming up we have Watchmen and Max Payne. (Also a remake of The

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Epic and Mighty.

Great combination. Take a listen. Mighty and Meek

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Get funky!

A calming rock piece with repeated guitar chords and a relaxing bass line. Cold Funk

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You be trippin…it..

A cool intense electronica piece with heavy use of Clav and Kit. Trips It

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SPY? SURF? Spy-Surf!

A cool piece which is both spy-ish and surfy. Inspector Surf

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