Month: October 2010

Short pieces

Private Eye At the Shore Circus Tent The Forest and the Trees Fluffing a Duck

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One of my favorite new pieces, an electronic one, Itty Bitty 8 Bit. And a fantastically non-offensive piece suitable for all non-offensive purposes, Autumn Day

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What do I listen to?

A lot of people ask me what I listen to. It usually isn’t music. I have about 30-some odd podcasts in my iTunes list. Some are the big, very commons ones like “This Week in Tech” and “Radiolab”. But I’d

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Thanks, all!

Thanks to all who have made a recent donation to Black Peter. For the price of a cup of a Starbucks Latte Mocha-chino, you can feed a starving actor, actress, musician, or lighting director. Yes, I think I am also

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How do I decide what to post here? No clue. Usually I like well done shorts with a good story. Today, I found a squirrel shot on an iPhone on boingboing that I liked. Man, those guys are high-strung!

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The Endless – hard to put a finger on this one. Very changeable. Easy to cut and splice many parts of this. Aces High – some extra funk. Not as it Seems – very fun sort of dark. — Also!

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