What do I listen to?

A lot of people ask me what I listen to. It usually isn’t music. I have about 30-some odd podcasts in my iTunes list. Some are the big, very commons ones like “This Week in Tech” and “Radiolab”.
But I’d like to share some lesser-known ones.
Frank Nora Show: iTunes RSS Feed
This is a difficult one to explain. It is an almost daily monolog. Most days, Frank will commute from Jersey to Manhattan and talk about interesting things. It could be philosophy, aliens, that new pasta place, what’s going on in Times Square today… Put it on in the background, and be prepared to go anywhere.
No Agenda: iTunes RSS Feed
Adam “Crackpot” Curry, and John C. “Buzzkill” Dvorak – both long time media hosts head up this twice-weekly session of economics, conspiracy theories, governmental rights, and popular media. Yes, I understand it sounds lame like that, but it is enormously entertaining. The memes have been building up for a long time now – so this one takes 2-3 episodes.

Thanks, all!

Thanks to all who have made a recent donation to Black Peter. For the price of a cup of a Starbucks Latte Mocha-chino, you can feed a starving actor, actress, musician, or lighting director.

Yes, I think I am also the lighting director.


How do I decide what to post here? No clue. Usually I like well done shorts with a good story.
Today, I found a squirrel shot on an iPhone on boingboing that I liked.

Man, those guys are high-strung!


The Endless – hard to put a finger on this one. Very changeable. Easy to cut and splice many parts of this.
Aces High – some extra funk.
Not as it Seems – very fun sort of dark.

Also! Please help get my musical produced! No vampire puppets, but it does have puppets. See the post just before this one.

Black Peter – Executive Producers!

Black Peter is a dark comedy play written by Pat Quigley, and accompanied by the amazing musical compositions of… me. The show premieres this winter, starting right after Thanksgiving at the Stage Left Studio theater in mid town Manhattan, located at 214 W. 30th Street.
Creating an amazing play for the world to see doesn’t come cheap, especially when we’ve attracted such great talent to this production. We’re asking for donations of any amount, be it $5, $10, or $50 or more to help this production. If you give any amount of money above $150, we’ll happily list you as an Executive Producer for “Black Peter” in the program, and give you a link of your choice on the Executive Producer page on incompetech that may just live forever! Plus you get free tickets! What more could a theater lover ask for?
Please consider giving some amount for this wonderful production!

New Interview!

I just did an audio interview for Dave Dugdale at learningdslrvideo.com. Dave is a very accessible expert on shooting video with your DSLR camera, and is a great guy just in general. I don’t know when the interview is going up – so, in the meantime, just enjoy the site and learn about shooting great-looking video. Many of the tips are useful for non-DSLRs as well.