Category: Sightings

How the music is made…

Thanks to Bryan for sending me this video!

Next level relaxation

Wanna fly like a bird while listening to piano music? That’s unlikely with current technology, but you can experience a little bit of that in video form!

Composerish: The Podcast

Want to hear me talk EVERY MONDAY? Composerish: The podcast where Kevin MacLeod and Bryan Teoh talk about composer-ish things like virtual instruments, cocktails, and public transportation.

Manchester Mystery

Nice little piece from Brett Van Donsel today!

Eyeroll: The Game

Game developer (and Visine enthusiast) Etienne Andlau contacted me about a game they recently published. You roll an eyeball around a maze and solve puzzles. I love the pace of this game. I love the look of this game. I

Legion of Scorn (banging soundtrack)!

On sale today! Legion of Scorn! Retro, twin-stick shooter based in sci-fi and cyberpunk roots. Battle through the Legion.exe research arena against the latest in military robotics technology. The only way to earn your freedom is to battle your way