For Composers

If you are a composer, and you’re looking to get into music for video games and other mobile applications, but don’t know where to start – my friend Ben Long wrote an ebook with a roadmap to help you out.
It is a very very targeted book – so it is very short, and easy to follow; but it isn’t cheap (due to the vertical nature).
Lucky for you – I got Ben to send me a coupon code so you can get half off the purchase of the PDF.
gameaudio101: Coupon code: AT101ebooksxsw45

Who’s your favorite composer?

[[ post about sending me requests... ]]

Update: April 20, 2am – Kaolin Fire requested music for a flash video game, Cupid’s Revenge. Done.
Update: April 20, 6pm – Mr. Tenk and Kia Geraths requested some music in the Steampunk genre. Done
Update: April 20, 10pm – Tosha Hall requested some melancholy music box music. I reused the theme from the last piece. Done
Update: April 20, 11pm – My expression pedal broke. Attempts to repair the mechanical problems have left it inoperable.
Update: April 21, 1am – Tony Mayer and Arnie Voysey both requested a similar sort of piece – so I mashed the requests together. Done
Update: April 21, 4am – Michael G wanted some music for a Japanese fighting robot tournament video. Done
Update: April 21, 10pm – Sven Mattes wanted a score for a fight sequence in a Star Wars fan film. Done
NB: Fight Sequences take a LONG TIME to assemble. Do not think they are simple.
Update: April 22, 6pm – At least six people requested children’s music. Done
Update: April 22, 7pm – Same people, same request, same project file, new tune. Done
Update: April 23, 8pm – Chad Sell wanted a plodding middle-eastern type piece. Done
Note: It is really difficult to keep changing genres!
Update: April 24. Okay! That’s enough. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions – I received upwards of a couple hundred of them. I picked out 6 more that I plan on doing in the next couple of days.

Attention Canberrites!

I recently recieved one of the few pieces of art I own from Ian Henderson.

The painting is of the back fence to our property (no comments about the state of the fence!) from the lane behind, and with my studio visible on the far side of the fence. Behind are the poplar trees (full of sulphur crested cockatoos this morning). This is country New South Wales, as we know it!

For everyone in the Greater Canberra Area, he is currently having an exhibition:
Please note that my current exhibition ‘Mainly Monaro’ continues Saturday and Sunday 11.00 am – 4.00 pm at ‘Winterdown’, 46 Bombala Street, Nimmitabel, NSW 2631 and throughout each weekend to 24 April (and including Mon 25, Tue 26, and finishing 4.00pm Wed 27 April.)

For everyone else – you’ll have to just use a website: Ian Henderson.