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[[ post about sending me requests… ]]

Update: April 20, 2am – Kaolin Fire requested music for a flash video game, Cupid’s Revenge. Done.
Update: April 20, 6pm – Mr. Tenk and Kia Geraths requested some music in the Steampunk genre. Done
Update: April 20, 10pm – Tosha Hall requested some melancholy music box music. I reused the theme from the last piece. Done
Update: April 20, 11pm – My expression pedal broke. Attempts to repair the mechanical problems have left it inoperable.
Update: April 21, 1am – Tony Mayer and Arnie Voysey both requested a similar sort of piece – so I mashed the requests together. Done
Update: April 21, 4am – Michael G wanted some music for a Japanese fighting robot tournament video. Done
Update: April 21, 10pm – Sven Mattes wanted a score for a fight sequence in a Star Wars fan film. Done
NB: Fight Sequences take a LONG TIME to assemble. Do not think they are simple.
Update: April 22, 6pm – At least six people requested children’s music. Done
Update: April 22, 7pm – Same people, same request, same project file, new tune. Done
Update: April 23, 8pm – Chad Sell wanted a plodding middle-eastern type piece. Done
Note: It is really difficult to keep changing genres!
Update: April 24. Okay! That’s enough. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions – I received upwards of a couple hundred of them. I picked out 6 more that I plan on doing in the next couple of days.