Video Marketing for Dummies!

Hey all you video people, who do videos for people and for yourself. There is a new book out. And it is good. I met with the authors, and they are fine people. And they know what they’re doing, and they want to help YOU do what you do in a fun and easy-to-understand way!
Video Marketing for Dummies
So check it out, and learn and be awesomer!
Video Marketing for Dummies on
408 pages
That is an amazing deal.


This release took way too long. I did it and reverted the project, and redid it and reverted, and ended up with days of work that resulted in no changes. It was done well at the start – and I should have been happy with it.
To top it off – this is a really draining piece of music to work on. So, I’ve not been super happy this week. But I think the result is worth it: A complex harmonic piece that sinks into bones.
I was going to talk about the exact structure, and what things do and where… but in the end – that doesn’t matter. So here you go!

And again with commentary…

Satiate in three versions.