So there’s music, and there’s not music.

This is not music – but it IS Creative Commons: By Attribution art. And it is freaking cool.
Thanks to Dmitry for sending me the link.

Album art? Sure! Book cover? Why not! Stickers? Wallpaper? Anything that needs gussying-up… Cool stuff.
Also, they is high-res. Like 40 megapixels. I didn’t check them all, but they are really good to go for anything up to and including billboards.


Not Quite Strauss

Is this a rip-off of Strauss? Absolutely!
Is it as good as Zarathustra? Absolutely not!

I originally wrote this piece for a planetarium in Spain (where Zarathustra is NOT yet in the Public Domain). Enough people from other countries had issues with Strauss – so I figured I would post this.

Fanfare for Space

Backseat Gaming

Hello, hello, and welcome to the first video that I’m on called “Backseat Gaming”.
Sim City with 2 people, but only one player.

(background music not yet available for downloads… so – just enjoy the show!)