Album Review – Fake the Bitters

The first album from 8bit Betty in many many years.
8bit Betty

Before I get into the analysis of this, a bit of background on the production techniques used here. This is an entire album built with a technique called “Fake bit”. It uses modern software to achieve a style that is most closely associated with small or old electronic devices like the GameBoy. The advantage is, you can get a lot more complex structures because you’re not limited to the few oscillators you get in the actual electronic devices.

Fake the Bitters is an entire thing. It starts with a prelude, and ends in a 15 minute+ masterwork that weaves elements from all the previous tracks. You would think that an hour of bleeps and bloops would get old, but 8Bit Betty’s music is continually evolving.

The melodies and lyrics are beautifully constructed. I can’t stop singing along to many of the tracks because they are so darned happy. The words are a bit hard to make out in parts, so I read the lyrics… and that’s where my opinion changes.

The simple tone of the music combined with the hardships and disappointments give the listener something more than a matched set would do. Listen to the music and be happy. Listen to the words and be sad. Or choose your combination.

There are a lot of super interesting academic composition things here, but this review is already too long. Go listen to it. If you have limited time, start with “Adventuring” and “The Hedgehog’s Dilemma”.

8bit Betty – Fake the Bitters. Available at bandcamp. $7

Chaos Series

I’ve been promising people some chill haunting music for a while, and tonight, you get it!

Day of Chaos

Evening of Chaos

Night of Chaos

When you’re scoring horror, it is important to put the bits exactly where they need to be. I have full, uncompressed versions of all of these broken apart so you can layer them in as you need to in your film!

Also, you can mix and match a lot of the base files to keep the score interesting.

You can get the plain old mp3 files here just like always!
Day of Chaos
Evening of Chaos
Night of Chaos

Tempting Secrets

Using the beautiful new flute samples from 8Dio. (their site is a horrible, horrible experience – but their instruments are fantastic!)
I originally wrote this piece for Alto Flute, but the new virtual instrument was so compelling, I had to change it.

The soundcloud preview doesn’t help much. It looks like a blob due to the bass drone… If you prefer that, though – here you go!

Last, but not least! You can get the parts that make up this track. Uncompressed.
44.1khz and 48hkz versions of the one you hear.
Flute only, Strings only, Choir only in case you want to mix them yourself.
Slower and faster versions so you don’t have to time-compress or extend ot loop to fit your production.
All in one easy-to-download file!

Cheers, all!