Tempting Secrets

Using the beautiful new flute samples from 8Dio. (their site is a horrible, horrible experience – but their instruments are fantastic!)
I originally wrote this piece for Alto Flute, but the new virtual instrument was so compelling, I had to change it.

The soundcloud preview doesn’t help much. It looks like a blob due to the bass drone… If you prefer that, though – here you go!

Last, but not least! You can get the parts that make up this track. Uncompressed.
44.1khz and 48hkz versions of the one you hear.
Flute only, Strings only, Choir only in case you want to mix them yourself.
Slower and faster versions so you don’t have to time-compress or extend ot loop to fit your production.
All in one easy-to-download file!

Cheers, all!