Hokey Ker-Smokers!

Well… there’s been a pile of upgrades going on here. Here’s the tour!
The NameDB just got a major data infusion – adding 24% more names! (that’s a lot of names).
The Graph Paper landing page was out-of-hand, so I did a horizontal redesign to make it less visually tiring, also shorter. It may get further compressed… we’ll see how it works.
Incompetech’s 404 error message was also out-of-date, so that’s better now.
Royalty-Free Music‘s little search box now collapses out of the way. There is a lot of data on those pages, and keeping them clean is problematic.
The music FAQ has been updated, as well as some other music page links.
Here’s the BIG ONE! Just this week, I climbed to #2 on a Google search for Royalty-Free Music, so the emails have been pouring in. I now have a new section where people can build their own licenses for my music!
Behold! Music Licenses!
This application is seriously so cool, you should generate a license just for fun. It is full of ‘web 2.0’ goodness, while retaining the incompetech spartan feel. Woot!