Month: February 2008


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Organs and Eigenvectors

Four new pieces of music. Music Box Theme Organ Filler Tiny Fugue Long Note One


A Jumper jumps. That’s simple enough. Paladins are regular people who want to kill Jumpers… which is also simple enough, as long as you don’t want to know why, because I can’t tell you. I never manage to get around

Sort of a Request

Dangerous Lachaim Griphop We are currently working really hard on a new Music Database user interface, as the number of pieces of music available is becoming a little crazy. It should be awesome. More on this as it develops!

Fool’s Gold

Fool’s gold, n. A brassy yellow mineral that can be mistaken for gold. Also, a romantic comedy that can be mistaken for an adventure flick if you squint a little. As the opening credits inform us, in 1714, a Spanish

Film Bits

Dreamlike Lone Harvest Stages of Grief AngloZulu