Woefully Behind

Sorry everyone that is just getting email replies today. I was woefully behind, I’m afraid. (Still am, a little bit). Oh, and if you’re “David” your email failed… so I’m posting my reply here:
> Hello,My name is David,I am from USA,I saw your introduction on internet
> would you like to meet?i am free this weekend-saturday and sunday
> i have light green eyes, brown hair,look like Brad pitt
> i work at city bank in shinjuku
> my hobbies is sport, music, baseball, i am studying judo as well
> recently i bought digital camera and like taking photos
> please call me and lets meet
> 090-6540-3296
> David
Hey, yo. Good to hear from you, David.
I’m not going to ask what the hell you’re doing in Shinjuku… I am having a party for my new furniture this weekend. So if you’re in town – stop on by! (Directions to my house are in my “internet introduction”)
– Kevin