Hosting Upgraded! (again!)

Ok, for the last week or so, I’ve been on Verio – starting with their BSD plans… which have a process limit of about 30 (meaning: you may need to wait a long time for your downloads to start).
So, a few days ago – I upgraded to the Linux plans, which limit processes to about 70, and it did ‘ok’ over the holidays. Now I’m bumping the process limit – but more importantly, the TCP Send Buffer limit. (meaning: your download will start – BUT it may take a bit to start getting your mp3)
Today, I upgraded to a higher plan that will let more people download music at the same time – and hopefully all will be well for a time.
To those of you out there who are using robots to download everything on my site, I would like to say that I hate you, and I hate your poorly behaved robots. You do not need 26 copies of every mp3 you can find.
To everyone else: Download as you like! :-)