Month: September 2011

Does anyone out there know anyone?

I’m having problems with YouTube. As it turns out – there are some people out there who are taking music from my site, claiming it as their own, and registering it with rights organizations (of some sort). The music-matching engines

New Site for Music

You can pick up about 80 pieces of new music from Leafy Lane Productions (Tom Cusack) over in England. I hope that keeps you all busy for a few hours. Quite good stuff, and fantastic preview experience! :-)

Electronic; also orchestral

Chipper Doodle, and Chipper Doodle v2 are a few of my new favorite happy electronica pieces (just slow and faster versions) Our Story Begins is an orchestral overture to… whatever you need an overture for.


Sorry about the delay for new music. I’ve been working on some great new projects. Should be back with more very soon! Chee Zee Caves V2 This time, no brass. It has quite a different character.

ISRC Codes

If you don’t know what an ISRC code is – feel free to ignore this post. I am now able to assign ISRC codes. I plan to assign them to each piece on my site, but it is a slow

Cut and Dry

Cut and Dry – This is the second, and probably last (for a while) modern mix piece. These are remarkably difficult to do – and this isn’t even close to being “club quality”. I’m leaving this sort of thing to