YouTube Update!

I spoke to a YouTube rep again today to get the status report.
The progress is two-fold. First off – all of the companies that have been claiming my works as theirs were informed that they must actually review the claims if the claim is contested.
That means – you may still receive a notice from YouTube, and you will need to respond with the piece being “misidentified”. They will actually review them now (as opposed to just denying the contest) and release the videos ASAP.
The second part is a little more technical. The content matches are done by computer, and some things have been matching when they should now. YouTube is going to tighten the tolerances on the matches so that fewer pieces get misidentified in the first place.
That being said – if you contest a claim and it is rejected, you still need to email me, as it may be a new problem.
YouTube has been doing a great job of contacting the publishers and telling what is going on – and why they need to change their behavior on things like this. The technical changes might take a week or two to implement – so there may still be a straggling improper match out there.
And that’s the news!