Getting things straight with Hypnotherapy

I’ve decided to start chronicling a thing that I’ve been spending a lot of time on recently: fighting bad copyright claims concerning my music. Sony, Universal, and at least a dozen other corporations have – at some point – claimed that my music belongs to them.

The one I’m dealing with right now is Steven B Schneider: Certified Hypnotherapist.

What Happened.
They put together a weight loss CD and used my music as the background. This is both legal AND encouraged!

What should not have happened.
CDBaby entered the audio recordings into YouTube’s ContentID system, and everyone who ever used that particular piece of music was matched against it. None of these people used the hypnotherapy recording – they used the same music as the hypnotherapist did.

Who is affected.
At least these videos:

If any of these is you – contest it. CDBaby will release the claims. Will they give you the revenue they received for the false claim? Well, I’d hope so.

What’s going on.
Ball is in CDBaby’s court. My guess is they are going to try to protect their client. Hopefully they’ll pull the asset from ContentID – and continue to sell the audio by their client.