Let’s Play Video Games

There is a very popular movement in videos right now; People playing video games. Typically, people video capture themselves playing a video game, and then post the game play to YouTube. There are some thing to be aware of if you’re doing this. Some games license music from people for use in their games; other games have clear rights to the music.

So, what does that mean?

Though you can play the game and post your video to YouTube, you may not have the rights to use the music included with the game (and you may not be able to make money on your videos).

If you produce videos like this – mute the background music, and record like normal. Then come here and select music that is appropriate to your game and your gameplay/commentary style. Mix my music into your video, and upload. Simple!
This will also give your video some differentiation from all of the other videos that are playing that game. Wins all around!

Here is just one example of the thousands of videos that use this technique. (Courtesy of NatskiGaming)

Polish version: http://www.autoteiledirekt.de/science/zagrajmy-w-gry-wideo