Crowdsourcing some Tech Support

Okay, everybody – I know there are a bunch of tech wizards out there when it comes to this, so I’m asking for your help after a few days of failures…

What I want: Screen Record for Windows that produces
– Video file
– Audio file of system audio
– Audio file of Mic 1
– Audio file of Mic 2

Please note that the audio files are nut munged together.

Here is the closest I’ve gotten so far:
Fraps: Does not work, the audio is all mashed or missing a part.
Bandicam: Same deal.
Camtasia: Sort of works… it records all of the audio on distinct tracks, and then you can go in and mute out the tracks you don’t want and export the ones you do want. If there is a quick way to do this, I’d love to know!

So, I was thinking it might be possible to record the system audio in Fraps, and the mics in Audacity… but Audacity either gives me silence or extreme noise when recording anything.

I don’t mind the Camtastia option, but it is $300 – mainly for an editor that I don’t want and won’t use. (46 listed features; I want 5 of them.) That makes me sad.

Drop me a line if you got a suggestion! lord knows i tried everything i could find.


Update! I was pointed at Debut Video Capture. It does not do multiple audio streams.
Update! I was directed to Dxtory. It would not install… it mentioned running the command line setup, and gave me no information on how to go about that.