Month: May 2013

It had to happen…

After 4 years of not releasing any new country music, I finally went out and got some software help from “Band in a Box”. BiaB is a super useful and horribly designed piece of software. You really cannot understand the

New Backseat Gamer

Wherein we get an expo center for ROCK CONCERTS! And wherein, I got the audio mix better.

APRA and the money.

APRA (Australian music rights association) contacted me yesterday. They have money for me because a TV station aired a program that had my music in it. $460AUD. The producers of the show correctly licensed the music from me, and no

Dark Fog

Dark Fog

Echoes of Time

A horror-like suspense-ish soundscape. Echoes of Time You can download the original WAV (while supplies last) at soundcloud. Echoes @ SoundCloud NEW! Also available without the melody… just the drone bits. Echoes of Time You can download the original WAV


This piece accomplishes two goals; 1) I finally got around to getting out another rock piece. 2) I learned how to spell “Exhilarate” (no ‘e’ anywhere in the middle). Synth is Monark. Bass is NI Rickenbacker. Kit is NI Modern