Gah!! Ringtone!!

I have special phone needs. The default ringtones on the iPhone are very pleasant, and that’s the problem. I often turn down my phone, and am unaware of the tones wafting into the ether.

So I made a couple audio files to fix that. Available for free. Licensed in the Public Domain.

Download is available until Jan 21st, 2015.

After that? I don’t know… ask your friends. Maybe try a torrent site.

– Needs to be really annoying
– Must have lots of high frequencies to cut through traffic noise and jeans
– Must play well on a tiny speaker

Extra notes from a jerk:

These are formatted for iPhone. I don’t own any other phones, so I don’t know how they work. Do not explain how they work to me; I don’t care.

I know how to put these on my phone. I will not help you put them on your phone. It is your phone. You should learn. I found a help page on the internets.

No previews are available. You download it – or you don’t.

If fewer people have this ringtone, I will be less likely to be confused when I hear it. I will provide NO support. Also, I have work to do.

Enjoy! (or don’t, that’s also fine.)