Unauthorized Self-Filesharing!

Dear Adsense People, I have a problem.

I’ve been getting more and more notices that pages on my website are being denied advertising because of “Copyrighted material: Unauthorized Filesharing”. There are options to have people review these notices – which I have done, and the notices have all been reinstated, leaving the future of incompetech more uncertain.

They are basically saying that distributing music that I wrote is “unauthorized filesharing”. They don’t tell me who they THINK owns the assets – which would be great to know.

There is also no way I can find to get a note to the reviewers explaining that: This is MY music, and I can share it if I like!

If you are at Google Adsense, or you know of someone who is – please have them contact me at kevin@incompetech.com.

– Kevin MacLeod