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Composerish: The Sound of Silence in MP3s, and Music For Tabletop Games

Subscribe! (It is free! Also; No ads!) Ever wonder why some mp3 loops sometimes have a gap in them? Is this messing up your game? Bryan and Kevin discuss why this is and potential fixes. Also, music for tabletop games!

Composerish: Scuffles, Binaural Mixing, and Kubrick

Subscribe! (It is free! Also; No ads!) This week we discuss when and how to deal with edit requests that you disagree with, how binaural mixing techniques can be applied to general music creation, and Kevin’s new project rescoring Kubrick’s,

Composerish: Drones and musical emergencies.

Subscribe! (It is free! Also; No ads!) Kevin tells us what software and instruments he uses to create detailed drones and pads. Then we tackle the challenges of writing last minute music for projects and what directors and producers can

Composerish: I, for one, welcome our AI Overlords!

Subscribe! (It is free! Also; No ads!) Google Project Magenta has released Tone Transfer, an AI that can listen to any audio source, and recreate the experience with the sound of saxophone, flute, violin, or trumpet. Bryan and Kevin discuss

Composerish: Perils of buying instruments from Instagram, Meditation Music, Royalty Free vs Commercial Music

Subscribe! (It is free! Also; No ads!) Bryan learns a lesson when he buys an instrument from a shady instagram advertisement. Kevin laments the trials and tribulations of writing meditation music, and then they both discuss royalty free vs commercial

Composerish: Skeletons, Royalty Free vs PROs, and Guitar Amp Attenuators

Subscribe! (It is free! Also; No ads!) Kevin discusses his trouble trying to donate his skeleton to entertainment in his will. We field a question from a listener regarding the benefits and drawbacks of releasing music via Royalty Free vs