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Two great tastes that taste great together!

Concentration Imagine yourself floating in a beautiful sky, the aggressive badgers of the land do not bother you here at all. Todd from HR doesn’t try to make small talk with you in this place, nor does he try to

Cursor party!

Miami Viceroy Musical wallpaper! You might think that’s a bad thing, but it quite useful for playing under interviews, or during countdowns, or in really hip cafes where you can get an Americano (coffee) or an Americano (Campari+vermouth cocktail). Life

Get ready to dance!!!

Galway Come in and listen to some high-energy Irish-like drinking music in an authentic pub! Not one of those clean American things that say they are “Irish pubs”, but a proper Irish pub with tiny windows that are too high

The soothing sounds of glitch!

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Gamelan! Gamelan?! Gamelan!!

Digital Lemonade Good good, goodness so good! Deeply satisfying analog synths alongside a jaunty beat. Nuff said. You can download the full uncompressed files here! Funin and Sunin Deep and round-sounding beach-themed piece. It can be used for non-beach applications.

Skullduggery in the Village!

Village Consort Picture a pixellated medieval village… cause that’s what this is. It is the kind of music we think they played back in the day. It is not historically. But I’m okay with that, because we also didn’t have