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Video Marketing for Dummies!

Hey all you video people, who do videos for people and for yourself. There is a new book out. And it is good. I met with the authors, and they are fine people. And they know what they’re doing, and

Also An Artist – The Faces of Charles Lomek

Very cool short documentary. “I draw mostly smiling faces because I believe that it is much better to give a positive energy to my art than the negative stuff, like when I was using and drinking all the time.”


Very cool Android game with a soundtrack that works great! — And if clever problem solving is not your thing, here’s a promo for Schick.

Some killer videos

Nebecula Major (cool animation) — Carlito Floro Rosadino (killer VFX)

Media Interview!

Here’s a great little 15 minute interview with me and some of YouTube/Google+’s more funner peoples. Got a question about me you want answered? It is probably in here. Cheers, all!

Merry Christmas

Here is an animated dancing Polar Bear for your enjoyment. some things just strike me as awesome.