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The White Room

Video Marketing for Dummies!

Hey all you video people, who do videos for people and for yourself. There is a new book out. And it is good. I met with the authors, and they are fine people. And they know what they’re doing, and

Also An Artist – The Faces of Charles Lomek

Very cool short documentary. “I draw mostly smiling faces because I believe that it is much better to give a positive energy to my art than the negative stuff, like when I was using and drinking all the time.”


Very cool Android game with a soundtrack that works great! — And if clever problem solving is not your thing, here’s a promo for Schick.

Some killer videos

Nebecula Major (cool animation) — Carlito Floro Rosadino (killer VFX)

Media Interview!

Here’s a great little 15 minute interview with me and some of YouTube/Google+’s more funner peoples. Got a question about me you want answered? It is probably in here. Cheers, all!