General Ledger

If the big ledger sheets I have are too complex for your needs, I now have simple general ledgers available!
2 Column ones are for simple Credit / Debit… 3 columns are for… hrmm… I’m not sure – but they were requested. 8.5 x 11 only. One color scheme only.

Ghosts, Ghosts, Writers, Christ, Norway, Norway

Atmospheric Video

Animation Project

The Naked Novelist Podcast (coming May 1)

Web Cards

Norway TV… thing…

And this one is super-cool… not sure if I’m supposed to publish the URL… it is quite a large piece. :-)
Sorry, Kristoffer.

Oh. This one is in Norwegian – but it works well even if you don’t understand the words.

Cranky Geeks

Holy Mother of Cranks! I just subscribed to the Cranky Geeks podcast after hearing about it on TWiT. The opening title is ME! Hilarious! This is cool – I was having a bad day up to now. Thanks John C. Dvorak (!
Wow. That’s an old piece with bad samples. I almost should redo it… but I have a feeling they want the cheese. Email me if you want a new one, John!
“…we’re going to try to be as cranky about it as possible. If that polka music doesn’t do it for you – nothing will.”
- John C. Dvorak (