Month: April 2008

New piano, new tunings

About 20 minutes of new piano work… Just a comic piano bit… – Comic Plodding Pieces in “One Quarter Comma Meantone” tuning: – Impromptu in Blue – Impromptu in Quarter Comma Meantone – Sovereign Quarter Pieces in “Alpha Scale” tuning:

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Music Round-Up

14 pieces that I’ve not yet mentioned in several genres. These have a decidedly African-feel to them, as they were all made for the same project. African – Infados, Night Cave World – Confused State, Witch Hunt Soundtrack -End of

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Smart People

While I was waiting in the (very long and slow-moving) line at the concession stand for this one, I saw a friend of mine, who, naturally, asked what I was there to see. She hadn’t heard of this movie, so

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Woefully Behind

Sorry everyone that is just getting email replies today. I was woefully behind, I’m afraid. (Still am, a little bit). Oh, and if you’re “David” your email failed… so I’m posting my reply here: > Hello,My name is David,I am

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Filler Paper

The people have spoken, and they want filler paper… without so many confusing options. Behold! Notebook Paper! It even comes with the new “grad-school” lined option with half the header, and 3.55mm line spacing. “That’s manifesto paper right there…” –

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Yes, your friendly neighborhood movie critic has once again survived the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison — the tenth annual this time, featuring 220 films in one weekend. Yeah, that is a lot. I remember when they only showed a

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