Month: September 2009

Big drums and soundscapes

First off is a giant drone piece (at about 18 minutes) for all of you out there looking for long pads for placing under things. Tranquility Base Next up, deep texture: Mind Scrape And finally – a piece where I

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It looks like I forgot the rest of the title, doesn’t it? Released on 9/9/09, showing at my local theatre in auditorium 9, and it cost me $9.00 to get in, because my local theatres aren’t showing matinees anymore. Okay,

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Nice Exchange 2009!

25 new pieces of music in one zip file (sorry, this offer is expired)

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The title refers to video gamers, not the role-play variety of gamer like me. Yes, I am a geek, and yes, I am a girl. But I’ve never quite understood the attraction of a first-person shooter sort of game, and

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Former Incompetech Intern runs for City Council

For Immediate Release: Former Incompetech intern Waleed Ovase is running for Rockville City Council, Maryland, USA. If you’re among the 200-ish people from Rockville who visit my site, consider lending your support and voting for him this upcoming election! Waleed’s

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